Features (Peace of mind with Smart Finder- Vehicle Guard)

Live Location

It gives Real Time location of your vehicle any time, any where on your desktop/mobile whenever you require at the click of the button.

ac on/Off status

You can get a detailed report for AC On / Off status for car while speed is zero and greater than zero .

Anti Theft Mode

For safety of your Car, switch on the Anti Theft mode before leaving your Car. You will get an alert as soon as someone tries to take away the car.


You can fix a perimeter for your car and if your vehicle crosses pre-defined boundary, alert can be generated to your mobile or website.

One way communication

With one way communication Owner can listen to the driver when it is required.

Vehicle Immobilize

In case of theft you can switch off the engine of your car from your computer/mobile. An alert will be generated about the location of the car.

Speed :Get the real time speed of your vehicle anytime.

Distance : Distance travelled by your vehicle withn a specific time or journey.

Stoppages : Stoppages made by your vehicle during a journey.

Live Location Show your location while you are travelling or doing some outdoor activities.

Speed Monitoring Speed monitors for safe monitoring of standstill, speed, position

AC On/Off Status depending on the vehicle movement status. ... is turned On/Off

GEO Fancy Geofency is an automatic mobile time recording solution for iOS ...

Anti Theft An anti-theft system is any device or method used to prevent or deter

Vehicle immobilization Vehicle immobilization is one such tool used by law enforcement agencies to combat drinking and driving.

Low Cost, Easy to Install, High performance, Robust